SCENT Crystal

***line***Castelberg is a scented glass-polymer that offers a variety of sensory qualities that can be molded into scented jewlery, as well as scented accessories. This unique material affords your product high clarity and a rich set of colors. Easily molded and polished to a high gloss, Castelberg´s Scent Polymers bring out a deep satuaration of colors accompanied by your fragrance.

Customers can now sample and/or sell scented molded products as never before. This material is suited for innovative scent sampling for a multitude of promotional items like Rings, Bangles, Charms, Pendants and Hair Care accessoires. Our state of the art graphic facilities can transfer drawings into 2 D and 3 D designs.

With over 30 years of experience in the field of technical molding, Castelberg is able to produce even the most intricate designs. Don´t trust your scent to producer´s who are not specialits in creating a resin based product that fits your company´s high standards. Our years of experience and our dedication to your brand will result in an outstanding product.

With Castelberg´s Scent Crystal, our only limitation is your imagination.