***line***Castelberg's latest state-of-the-art patent pending technology called "super concentrate microspheres®" is the result of ongoing research in common fragrance scent aroma, taste and flavor challenges that affect most packaged products. Castelberg technology is one of the most versatile and economical scent delivery systems available which enables enhancement of any fragrance sampling, Fragrance Advertising or brand packaging by providing packaging that satisfies the need for amongst other things.

Castelberg's microspheres are highly efficient and can be used in a variety of ways in many production techniques all originated from one initial production. Using the liquid or paste from the (Aroma/ Fragrance / Essential oils) mixed with the polymer additives ultimately producing dry, free-flowing pellets "super concentrate microspheres®"

Microspheres can also be converted to use as additives in several thermal polymer processing techniques. Especially suitable is the use of microspheres in the field of conventional extrusion & injecting compounding process as it makes them particularly suitable for the master batch addition technique.